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Worship Contact

Filling this out in advance helps with planning a well integrated service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


* Physical address where the service is held

What date(s) are our services being required - if known at this time

* Start time of 1st service

Start time of 2nd service

We need a minimum of 60 minutes

* Include all services

How many songs or how many minutes of worship music do we need to prepare?

* Select all the styles that would apply to your church

Give us an idea of the level of music volume we should stay within

* How are lyrics to be provided to congregation?

Check all that apply

* What are the approximate stage dimensions available to the worship team?

* Who should we contact to follow up?

* Email address for contact person

Phone number for contact person

* Let us know your financial situation

Let us know if there are any other items we need to be aware of