The Lord has brought OneSmoothStone some awesome servants for the Kingdom. Working with them is a joy. Each member has a personal story of victory in Christ over the trials and struggles that make them a part of the fabric of mankind. Having Christ in their lives now does not insulate them from the struggles or pain in our culture. Instead it is the foundation for their heartfelt desire to be of service to others through music of a wholesome, inspirational, and Christian nature.

OneSmoothStone – Band and Crew


Neil Yosinski

Acoustic Guitar / Keys

Being a part of OneSmoothStone is full of precious moments with band members I have come to love not only as brothers and sisters in the Lord but as friends. It's a blessing to help bring joy to people through our music.

One of my favorite songs is “Blessed be Your Name.” It is a reminder that although life will have its difficulties we can live above those and maintain gratitude for our Lord who has great things in store for each of us. If you are having a present difficult time in life let the words of that song speak comfort and truth back into your situation.


Darby Yosinski


Hi, I'm Darby Yosinski. I grew up as a missionary preacher's kid in Kenai, Alaska and love sharing my testimony through ventriloquism. In 1974 I represented Alaska in the Miss America Pageant and entertained folks in many walks of life with my ventriloquism and singing.

It's amazing how easily one can get off track by making poor choices. At one point I'd made such a mess of my life that I quit sharing my testimony. God helped me get back on track. Now I share that no matter what mess we've made of our lives, He loves us and forgives us and wants us in His family. Like it says in Jeremiah 29:11, He has great plans for us, to give us a future and hope!

I chose to share some of my life's lessons in a book called “Legend of the Swan Horse.” May you find your Wings in Him and be truly Free!!


Rick Upton


Rick's passion is offering God's word through music to the unbelieving and Believers. He lead worship and sang for his Church (including a traveling music ministry) for more 4 years and continues to guide the music ministry by serving as a Church leader today. Rick came to One Smooth Stone through a relationship with our leader, Neil, that began during a traveling music ministry gig back in 2008. There is no question that God put them together and through a series of events that could be described as divine, OneSmoothStone was formed. Rick's day job is with the Veterans Health Administration where he leads the healthcare supply chain operation for the Rocky Mountain Region VA healthcare system. He travels quite a bit, but always returns to express his love for our Father through music. Rick spends his leisure time in the Colorado mountains working on and using the impressive trail system throughout the state. He serves on Colorado Springs' Trails and Open Space Working Committee, Cheyenne Mountain State Park's Trail Maintainers and the Coalition of Addicted Trail Builders in his efforts to ensure God's beauty can be enjoyed by all.




I am a 48 year old drummer, who's blessed to be able to praise and worship with an AWESOME group of singers and musicians from OneSmoothStone. I owe my abilities to Jesus Christ whom by his Grace alone, enables me to express my percussion talents and lift up His Name at the same time! Christ, Family, and Work! I look forward to Serving our Lord by playing at your events!




Shelly's comments coming soon!


Greg Lauer

Electric Guitar

When I was 12 years old, my uncle showed me everyone's first three chords - D, C and G - so I could play "Sweet Home Alabama." And I was hooked on guitar ever since. Between then and now, I've had numerous musical influences ranging from JS Bach to Joe Satriani, including my current top three: BB King, Eric Clapton, and Lincoln Brewster. Along the way, I played in several popular cover bands and recorded guitar and bass parts for several hundred radio and TV spots that aired in the Virginia Beach / Norfolk / Portsmouth / Chesapeake parts of Virginia.

Fast forward a couple decades and in 2007, I started playing on the worship team at Woodmen Valley Chapel, where I had the privilege to work with and learn from several world-class musicians. In 2011, God called me down to Fountain, to play at Restoration Church, where I still play a couple weekends each month. At Restoration, I also mentor the youth and pour into them from my hundreds of band gigs and hundreds of worship sets. In my "off" time, I'm on the Fountain City Council, which affords me the opportunity to work on a number of boards and commissions in southern Colorado.

In December 2014, I was offered the opportunity to become a part of OneSmoothStone, where I get to worship the Lord with some beautiful people as we make music together and serve some of God's most vulnerable children. I can hardly wait to hear how our Father's vision for this band unfolds and I can hardly wait to grow closer to the other members of OneSmoothStone.


Mark Everett

Bass Guitar

Born in Toledo, Ohio, married to Sandra Everett - 1990. One daughter, Erin Everett - 15. Born again Christian since 1971, spent 20 or so years doing some pretty bad backsliding, came back to Christ 1995, my faith has been growing ever since, learned guitar about 40 years ago but put it down pretty much the whole time I was on the “slippery slope” (could there be a correlation??), so only about 5-10 years of playing experience. Five years in Christian band One Step Closer, Colorado Springs, with daughter on vocals, and myself on guitar. I also started singing about two years ago. I love singing and making music for the Lord. When St. Peter asks me, “Mark, you had it pretty good when you were on earth, but what did you do for God's children who were sick and starving?”, I want to be able to look him in the eye and say that, “I tried my best to help them as much as I possibly could.”